A dually visual and verbal communicator, Rachel Wayne provides science-backed, culturally competent, and irresistible content for brands.

StorySiren Communications includes several creative endeavors spearheaded by Orlando-based brand strategist Rachel Wayne: StorySiren Studios for powerful content marketing, Lyra Creative Studios for nonprofit and purpose-driven company branding, and independent brand storytelling support.

Designed to empower brands with authentically crafted, research-driven copy, design, and strategy, the Story Siren’s enterprises are here to make the right call.

StorySiren Studios

A content marketing firm that empowers service-based businesses in oversaturated industries with brand-driven advertising, high-quality copywriting, and digital channel management

Lyra Creative Studios

A branding/marketing agency focused on story-driven strategies and SEO for charities, schools, L3Cs, and purpose-driven companies

Rachel Wayne Writes

Reported essays, film critiques and retrospectives, pop culture analyses, and other nonfiction narratives

Why the Siren?

In mythologies around the world, the siren is both a dangerous and enticing creature — one capable of reaching people from miles away with her irresistible voice. They easily cross the realms, seamlessly drifting between land and sea. Their mastery of intrigue and storytelling makes the siren a perfect metaphor for potent marketing: how the right message, tone, and mystery can enrapture each brand’s ideal audience.

Want to work together?

I’d love to speak with you to explore how we can elevate your content marketing or writing project, whether you need short-term help or a longer collaboration!