Everything I do is a fusion of storytelling, science, and strategy.

I am a writer, content strategist, and brand consultant based in Orlando, Florida. I come from the world of academia-turned-artistry. As you’ll see in my CV and portfolio, I’ve bridged the gaps among marketing, social sciences, research, and creative services.

Who I Am

I’m passionate about storytelling in any sense, and I enjoy taking a deep dive into the fascinating, the inspirational, the historical, and the weird. I’ve worked in higher ed, in government, and with startups and small businesses, bringing my academic background in anthropology and my journalistic integrity to the table to tell people’s stories in a compelling way, whether for education, entertainment, or engagement.

Strategic Communicator

As an anthropologist, writer, and the daughter of two journalists, interviews and storytelling are core practices in all my enterprises. I have conducted dozens of interviews and public engagement opportunities through my work as a writer for the University of Florida and a researcher for Florida local governments.

I firmly believe the story is the basis for all strategic communications, and I am skilled at hearing, writing, and telling stories, in whatever form and style is the most effective for the audience.

Social Entrepreneur and Applied Artist

I have more than a decade of experience in theatre production, including directing, stage management, and production design. This gives me a uniquely visual approach to communications and shows me how to leverage storytelling to make a societal impact.

My other enterprises include dance, puppetry, and interactive art experiences. I have led workshops, classes, and collaborative artistic experiences in three states, at arts festivals, independent theatre companies, civic centers, and rehabilitation centers.

For more than six years, I produced immersive educational opportunities for the Gainesville, Florida community, using art exhibitions, performing arts, and audiovisual media. I’m continuing to develop altruistic programs based on artistic engagement, through my production agency DreamQuilt, and am launching activities in the Orlando, Florida area.

Creative Researcher

As a science-focused artist and visual anthropologist, I work with digital media and performance forms to explore sociocultural issues and empower marginalized people. I also use visual arts as a means of anthropological inquiry.

I built my production agency, DreamQuilt LLC, to provide socially conscious artistic and cultural expression to the Gainesville, Florida community. Its primary project, ARTifacts, offered immersive, culturally competent, and homegrown entertainment in the fields of performing, visual, and alternative arts. DreamQuilt was honored and recognized by local government and non-profit organizations.

I’ve also produced a documentary short about anti-violence movements. This film, “A Million Moments,” ties into my broader study of bullying, intimate partner abuse, and other forms of interpersonal violence. I often write about these topics on Medium.

As an anthropologist-turned-creative, I am blessed to be able to research and write about a broad range of fascinating topics. I regularly collaborate with both clients and colleagues to explore the depths of the human experience, share their stories, and bring an anthropological approach to the topic at hand. Interested in working with me? Drop me a line.

What I Do

As a holistic brand storyteller and cross-channel communicator, I love writing and creating for purpose-driven businesses, startups, and nonprofits, as well as educational institutions. Together, we’ll make the world better through strategic, creative communication.

I excel at copywriting, content marketing strategy, web and UX copywriting and content design, and virtually anything else with words — as long as there’s a compelling story behind it. (And I can help you find that.) Plus, I bring video storytelling and accessibility skills into the mix to ensure your message makes an equitable impact.

Got specific questions or requests? Feel free to drop me a line.

Want to work together?

I’d love to speak with you to explore how we can elevate your content marketing or writing project, whether you need short-term help or a longer collaboration!