Hi, I’m Rachel Wayne, aka the Story Siren — wordsmith, storyteller, and master of marketing intrigue. If you’d like to learn a bit about me and what I do, this is the place.

How can I help you?

Whether you’re seeking a creative coach or consultant or eager to grow your brand, I can collaborate with you on story-driven promotional strategies, powerful marketing copy, and authentic thought leadership.

StorySiren Communications

Exceptional writing, culturally competent branding, compelling content, and smart strategy

Rachel Wayne Writes

Authentic Ghostwriting

Put your brilliant ideas into words. I’ll craft your next article or book with your unique voice.

Writer Coaching

Get coaching on how to refine your voice as a writer and master a strategic blend of grammar, tone, expertise, and whimsy.

StorySiren Studios

Story-Driven Content Strategy

Discover how to fully entice your target audience and transform your small business’s marketing strategy with compelling content.

Powerful Brand Refinement

Turn your small business from basic to irresistible with a research-backed, human-focused brand strategy.

Lyra Creative Studios

Nonprofit Storytelling

Elevate your nonprofit’s communications strategy with story-driven, inclusive messaging and content.

Accessible and Meaningful Marketing

Gain expert insights into how you can make your brand’s digital presence more ADA-compliant, inclusive, and culturally competent.

“Water can flow or it can crash. Be like water.”

About Rachel

Rachel Wayne is a writer, content and brand strategist, and visual anthropologist based in Orlando, Florida. After a childhood spent at science fairs or 4-H camps and buried in books and National Geographics, she earned her master’s in anthropology from the University of Florida. As an active participant in community nonprofits and educational organizations, Rachel has fully embraced her geeky side — along with her addiction to fair-trade dark roasts and dank IPAs. She has worked with a variety of organizations as a storyteller and writer, focusing on changing the world through creative work.

  • Expert copywriter and feature writer
  • MA in Anthropology and English (Film Studies)
  • 10 years’ experience in strategic communications

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I’d love to speak with you to explore how we can elevate your content marketing or writing project, whether you need short-term help or a longer collaboration!